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  1. Primula

    what are you doing?

    No comment but since i got it randomly i decided to report it and force myself to log back in but im always willing to log back in to do things on here if someone pull me in by pm or skype or discord or irc Plus.... I need to find them and ........*************....... For having them
  2. Primula

    what are you doing?

    Getting nakey pic pm spam and revived my account~
  3. Primula

    Miku Hatsune Project Diva F 2nd

    Anyone getting it? =O Im getting both ps3 and psvita =)
  4. Primula

    Internet Phenomenon 48 / 2(9+3)

    Well I wont go into much detail but if you google this fomula u see alot of result. Apparently on April 7, 2011 there was an internet phenomenon on this fomula 48 / 2(9+3) ppl getting 2 and ppl getting 288. What your answer lol...? Show your work =P
  5. Primula

    Window 7 Experience

    To those people who have to wait till October 22 too bad haha... Window 7 Ultimate I have a copy of it legaly and so far every xp stuff I threw at it that some couldnt work on vista work on win 7. There was a certain program I had to change the capatability mode to XP SP3 but It ran great when...
  6. Primula

    Legit Free NIS 2010 Trail found it on a site thought some ppl may need it for those who dont have any or using one that not too good. Well you can be like Daft and run your computer with naked protection lol...
  7. Primula

    Helpful information to keep your computer clean.

    Ok I got bored and stated this...and got bored and went do something else but I should finish this since I stated One thing not all antivirus is 100% so some may catch some other down and viversa. You still need a real time antivirus that monitor and look out for malware to prevent old...
  8. Primula

    Advice on those double post FTV Boo boo

    Well I've been looking on how those boo boo pages happen. So I see how you can prevent a double, triple, quad, etc... post Every time you get a boo boo after trying to post, in most case it has been posted but couldn't give u the resulting page. If you want to make sure it worked just open a...
  9. Primula

    BSOD with more than 2gb of ram

    Sigh trying to resolve this issue I have....with my regular 2gb of ram Stable added the extra 2gb of ram I just got..CRASHES.... Ram are the same model and all but it still BSOD. I update my Bio to the latest that not a Beta. Update my video card driver...but roll back it because of some issue I...
  10. Primula

    Congress to probe P2P sites

    Taken from a security website that found it on CNET lol... Full article here QUOTE (CNET @ April 21, 2009 10:41 AM PDT)The main investigative committee in the U.S. House of Representatives has reopened a probe of Lime Wire and other peer-to-peer file-sharing companies over the issue of...
  11. Primula

    BSOD Memory Dump

    Well i been getting this recently for odd reason dont know why yet still dianosing it. Will be checking the Bios, ram, video card later. Inside spoiler is a log of hijackthis of my programs and system info I shouldnt have virus btw lol. System Information Operating System:  Windows XP...
  12. Primula

    Confirmation on formating

    Im just reconfirming this to make sure. I feel like reformating my computer once again because well it been awhile lol. Well I have 2 internal hd one with the os that I will be formating and an another internal hd with musics and some other stuff that i couldnt fit on my hd i would have put it...
  13. Primula

    Desktop Wallpaper questions

    Well I bought myself a new TV awhile back because my old TV didn't work correctly so this new TV have a lot of input/output for VGA, HDMI, Component, the 3 pin one XD..., and of course the cable. So I tested the VGA of course with my 17 inch hp monitor with the TV/monitor . I notice you couldn't...
  14. Primula

    (router)Delay Effect from Lighting storm?

    Well some of yall already know or help me when my computer motherboard got zap with lighting along with my Fatality sound card and i end up buying a new motherboard again...and other thing is not fully functionable such as my router. My internet was working with my router this morning after i...
  15. Primula

    Computer Problem

    Ok I need some assistant all I tried have not work so im asking if anyone would know of the problem. Ok this morning there was a thunder storm and I didnt really pay too much about it. I always keep my computer on and I was on it at the time. There was like a sharp lighting nearby that made...
  16. Primula

    Subbers Video Encoding

    To those who know how the subber encode their video can you please tell me they are clashing with my program im trying to use with them for school. Example trying to import a subber video into adobe premiere to cut the show and it only import the sound and when i tested an unsub one i didnt have...
  17. Primula

    Creative Sound Card Fatality

    I was just curious if the to whom ever have the Creative Sound Card Fatality the one that cost about 149 in stores does it stream sounds like how you can stream sound on teamspeak. Steaming on ts will be the same on the other stuff i trying to figure out too. So does anyone know that have that...
  18. Primula

    To go Vista or to Mac

    Well Im considering to get myelf laptop so I can do stuff on the go. I was debating on which to go to a Mac or Windows. It kinda impossible to get XP on comp now since most or now on Vista so I was more toward Mac until yesterday I heard I can turn off that annoying thing on vista that...
  19. Primula

    3ds Max

    Just wanted to make this thread to share what I just made for my final project for my 3ds Max class. Also I was curious if there is anyone else who use the program and made some stuff on it. Here my creation I made my PSP with custom skin on it ^^ yall wont be shock what I have on it XD. I...
  20. Primula

    What would you do?

    This is about what would you do if a mishap happen to your anime collections like fire, flood, tornado, and ect. and you lost it all. After your pouting, crying and yelling lol... Me I dont know what I would do I might try to redl all my anime i had I recorded what I have so looking for it...