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  1. Norren

    Thunderbolt Fantasy

    Did anyone else watch this one? I can't believe how over the top awesome it turned out. The idea of doing wuxia with puppets never would've occurred to me, but the puppeteers did an amazing job, and that's before factoring in some Asian looking 3DCG special effects, an Urobutcher script, and...
  2. Norren


    There hasn't been a ton of dialog lately, so... anyone else here a fan of Helck? For those of you who haven't seen it, a fan of the webmanga decided to translate the whole thing in the span of a little over a month because it is a gem of pure awesome. The general gist of the story is human...
  3. Norren

    Arslan Senki (2013)

    I thought I was misreading something in a sleep haze when I first opened my webbrowser this morning and saw that Arslan Senki's got a new serialization illustrated by none other than Hiromu Arakawa. Anyone else familiar with the series? I'm excited to hopefully finally see the end of this...
  4. Norren

    Really strange Game playing AI.

    Evidently, someone came up with a really odd and different way to teach a computer to play NES games: He has a 6 minute long intro that's basically a mockumentary for the SIGBOVIK April Fool's Day "research conference", but the AI seems to be real enough. (Not going...