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    Rpg maker VX

    Does anyone have RPG maker VX I need help in making a faceset for this character set. and for people that can draw but don't know anything bout RPG maker VX and would like to help this is wat a face set looks like
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    Guess the Game Character

    This is similar to warita200's guess the anime and Shinobu's_Lover's guess the character exept you will get given 5 pics to start with that a distorted and you have to guess who they are. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Credits to warita200 and Shinobu's_Lover for the idea [Moderator's Note...
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    Im starting a forum and i need a little help

    hi im trying to start a forum of my own and i need help building it and i was wondering if anyone knows how to make your own custom banner and skin stuff like that i need help with plz help