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    Learning japanese by watching animes?

    Hello guys, we all watch animes and we all are interested in the japanese language and culture to some extent. And most of us have an ingrained aversion against dubs of any kinds, because lets face it, japanese can really put their heart into voicing the characters. With the english dub I often...
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    Sket Dan su

    SKET DAN-SU!!!! title: Sket Dance (TV) alternative title: スケット・ダンス (Japanese) genre: comedy # episodes: 12 animation studio: Tatsunoko production official website: スケットダンス(SKET DANCE)公式サイト Plot Summary: At...
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    Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

    SEKAIICHI HATSUKOI Title: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Japanese title: 世界一初恋 Genre: Yaoi Original run: 8th April 2011–24th June 2011 (12 episodes) Original creator: Shungiku Nakamura Animation Studio: Studio DEEN Official website (Japanese): TRAILER: CLICK HERE...
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    interesting youtube videos

    Youtube is a neverending source of amusement and entertainment for me, as it probably is for many of you as well. Often I discover funny or interesting videos just by browsing related videos on youtube and today I felt like sharing this cute video with two overgrown kittens. If you wish to post...
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    Facebook and parents

    Recently I noticed, that my father has a FB account and my bro and sis are in his friends list. This freaked me out. I am not sure, if it was my father who requested the add or my siblings and to what extent that was voluntary. I mean, how can you possibly deny an add request from your parents...
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    Does age matter?

    A certain incident in my lines of friends prompted me to put some second thoughts into this matter. In our modern era, the age is becoming less and less of an issue, people are more free to pursue their dreams and live their lives without being forced into constrictive concepts about what is an...
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    Mininova gone crazy?

    I assume most of you are familiar with the torrent search engine MININOVA I used to download my anime from there, on the front page newest torrents were listed according to category. Anime used to be on the top, so one single look and I knew whether my favourite animes have been released that...
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    Do famous people think they can do ANYTHING?

    Hello everybody!!! I used to LOVE the song "Dessert Rose" from sting, which also features the Algerian singer Cheb Mami. I loved it until yesterday, when I learned, that Cheb Mami sits 5 years in jail for attempting an abortion on his former girlfriend. Turns out, she became pregnant, he "felt...
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    GUESS the anime!!

    RULES: 1. Post a picture from an anime. BUT, make sure it doesnt show the main characters or something, that is too obvious. 2. If nobody guesses right within 24 hours, you may post another picture, specify the genre or give some other hint, that makes it easier to identify the anime. If...
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    how long can you last without eating?

    Have you ever tried not to eat couple of days???? If yes, for what reasons? How dod you feel while at it?
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    sexual assault

    As sad as it is, I have been attacked by some pervert today, while going to the grocery store. There are two ways, how to get to the store and one of them is not really ment for pedestrians, so you barely ever meet anybody there. But I like it, because in the morning, the sun doesnt reach there...
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    my project!!!!

    hello guys..... I have designed this for my marketing 2 project..... I only used microsoft paint, so keep in mind my limitation. But wanted to ask you, if you could give me some feedback. I am not sure what I could do better. So please take a look!! PS: the product is supposed to be Müsli...
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    mini skirts in winter??

    I have noticed, that japanese anime girls wear skirts no matter what time of the year. They always have a jacket, gloves and a scarf..... but mini skirts in winter? Now..... I ask myself, is that just fanservice for the guys or is it customary in Japan to look "sexy" no matter what the season...
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    I had this interessting discussion couple of days ago with a rather religious friend of mine. He is religious alright, but his only knowledge about religion seems to come from church. He was complaining, that nowadays christmas is too comercialized and ppl forgot what the real purpose of...
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    christmas on palmbeach?

    Hi everybody!!! My best friend is currently planning her vacation for christmas holidays and asked me to help her look for interesting places. She wants to spend her holidays on a snow white beach with palms touching the water surface... you know what I mean. But places that are known to offer...