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    What would you like to know about Iceland

    Im very proud of the fact that i am icelandic and because of that the ignorance or plain stupidity of what people think Iceland is makes me kinda pissed at times, so in order to cure the Ignorance I decided to start this thread to answer all your questions you would possibly like to know an...
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    How YOU can make animes air faster

    FOR STARTERS, I AM NOT BEING SERIOUS IN ANY WAY HERE, that aside......... This is an idea i had just now, I havent put any thought in this at all so dont judge me The point in this lunacy is to post the most outragious way you can think of making anime come out faster, the doer HAS to be...
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    Strait Jacket

    A “hard-boiled dark fantasy” (as Moon Phase puts it) called Straight Jacket is getting made into an OVA anime. Based on a novel by Ichiro Sakaki (who also wrote the Scrapped Princess novels), the project was actually originally presented at the Tokyo Gathering Project event back in 2005. Now...
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    Anime Request Thread

    Fate stay night is liscenced we cant give you a link or an answer aand you cant ask about it, read the general rules. If you wanna watch a good anime then go buy Neon genesis evangelion
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    Pinning topics that have gone on for a long time

    How about pinning topics that have reached over 100 pages or more, cause many people obviously post in those so why not just pin them at the front,
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    Download trouble

    I used to have fast dl on everything but now suddenly on all the files thy dl very slowly, like 8-15 kb/sek, its not old files, its new ones that usually dl at 100-150 kb/sek, ive tried changing bt clients but that doesnt work either. PLEASE, one big onegai, i really dont want to wait for two...
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    Avatar making

    How do you make those moving avatars, Do you find them online or do you edit them in flash 8 please tell me and if possible post a tut
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    Merging finished animes/seasons into one torrent

    Can you merge animes that are up to 12 episodes into one torrent, it would make downloadin much easier for new members, I remember watching ghost hunt and had to wait for a while cause my bittorrent client vouldnt take so many at a time, it was annoying, its also useful for veterans who have...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R shadow of chernobyl

    I Just got aquainted with this game and I love it, It takes Gameplay to a new level. The enemy actually has unscripted A.I. so its not predictable(where they walk, attack, chase you, and so on) Characters in the game have a bonestructure too wich makes a different effect on where you shoot the...