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    School Rumble Season 2?!

    Ah, but our hopes and dreams! Let it be so! Hopefully it will be widely available, despite the originals being produced by Media Factory. The OVAs were produced by Marvelous Entertainment, so there's a good chance. Discuss! ~ SP
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    Hey, all of you BT users out there, you should probably have already gotten the update message if you've run BT recently, but here's some extra info. Not included by default is a pretty awesome new chat plugin, that automatically creates chatrooms based on the torrents you are downloading, so...
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    Speed Grapher Episode 1

    I'd heard quite a bit of hype on this series, and saw the trailer a few times. However, that hardly prepared me for what I've seen so far... As I mentioned, this one's definitely not for the kiddies... Set in future/alternate reality Tokyo, where drugs and political corruption runs rampant in...