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    Gundam 00 Trailblazer

    WARNING of spoilers if you have not watched the first two seasons. My Rant =/ I found the movie interesting but honestly it took a lot of bad turns trying to be different from the other gundam series yet retain its typical superior human vs human concept. 1st off Setsuna gets almost ZERO...
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    Iron Man Anime

    Im surprised there is no thread for this. Well I was a bit impressed seems very interesting and entertaining. Any other thoughts on this anime adaptation?
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    Rose Online

    Aye although am at odd just checking if anyone plays this game. On Legit servers not private.
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    Deux Ex: Human Revolution

    I have never played the old deus ex games but man these trailers are epic although its al cgi. You guys should take a look, almost drooled all over my keyboard. EPIC!!! Yeah no gameplay footage but man it already looks like its gonna...
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    Kimi no Iru Machi

    I am surprised there was no thread about this manga. Anyhow so anyone reading it? And if you are have you read ch89. It was like someone took a hammer and smashed the side of my head. I had a deep long gasp. ch89 seriously hit home hard. I dont know if I can take it anymore. xD Rooting for...
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    Super Street Fighter IV

    So anyone have the game? If you have it on PS3 hit me up Prideless07.
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    Help to convert mkv w/sub to avi for PS3

    So far I am using mkv2vob but it apparently has no support for subtitles so the encoded video ends up losing its subs that were contained in the mkv. Does anyone know how to encode a standard 720p h264 mkv that has contained subs into a hard subbed avi? or some video file type while retaining...
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    So are you an Otaku?

    Have a friend who from time to time calls me an otaku for the past year and I always tell him you cant call me an otaku, i dont even own any anime figurines. lol... then I went to Little Tokyo few days ago with some friends and felt like I was leaving Little Tokyo empty handed so I bought one...
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    Help to Translate Japanese PSN and JapPS3 Keyboard

    I made a Japanese PSN Account, I am seriously having a hard time browsing. Does anyone know where I can find what the columns on the left are in the PSN Store? ex. in North America is New Releases, Add-ons, Media, etc I am looking for a translation of the JPSN Interface as well as the...
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    PS3 Game Recommendations to import from Japan?

    Aye looking for worthwhile games to import that are not have been localized for a North America Release. Particulary JRPGs but anything awesome is probably awesome in my book despite the genre. So far I am looking at Initial D Extreme Stage Tales of Vesperia (Pissed me off they not porting it...
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    Anyone play PS3 on 1080p?

    I hear all most all games on PS3 are rendered at 720p if not lower resolutions then upscaled. I also heard that 1080p on PS3 looks worse than 720p. I have yet to touch my ps3 however I have a 1152p monitor and when I put it to 720p in games it looks TERRIBLE. Looks like PS2 graphics. If the...
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    Looking for PS3 recommendations

    Just got myself a PS3. I grabbed Little Big Planet GOTY and Metal Gear Solid 4. Now I am looking for some RPGs. SO far I am looking at Folklore Valkryia Chronicles (I watched the anime, it experience suffer?) Eternal Sonata Demon Souls Final Fantasy XIII (Dont know if I want to shell out 70...
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    Why do Protagonists always lack self confidence

    Ive come to notice that a many if not the majority of anime series the featured protagonist is always lacking in self esteem and confidence. I am not saying all, but I notice its quite the bucket load of protagonists that are plagued with this attribute. Is this a reflection of the author? the...
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    Which anime fictional world would you live in?

    If you could choose an anime fictional world which would you live in and your not allowed to choose your role/position in that world. Otherwise all worlds would be awesome. For instance living in the DBZ world would be awesome but really wouldnt it be just scary if you werent a Z warrior or...
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    Prideless's AMV Showcase/Workshop Thread

    Hello people name's Prideless however I am known as "Kurosaki" on Youtube. I consider myself a seasoned AMV Artist. I am no pro nor an amateur just somewhere in between. I have roughly 1.5mil views on youtube and roughly 600 subscribers. I make AMV's, Parodies, Short Comedic Anime Clips...