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    Anime Request Thread

    Yes please Jadesterne-chan
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    Anime Request Thread

    May I please request more Major.. Eps 30 -> 40
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    Anime Request Thread

    Could I possibly request Major 20 - 30.... I just finished getting the first 20 eps..
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    Anime Request Thread

    Is Major episode 2 going to be gettable at all?
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    Unknown popup

    Hi, I'm just wondering what the popup is for? I'm talking about the "This website wants to run the following ad-on"
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    Anime Request Thread

    Can I request the anime Major ( first 20 eps ) Regards ~
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    No longer available

    Hi, Just wondering If there is a thread or anything relating the Episodes which get taken off.. I would just like to know so that I can find out maybe 1 week or more before they are removed from the site, Because while I may be causing you inconvience, That wasn't intended however I was just...
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    Capeta ?

    It's extremely sad that Capeta is no longer available to download here. I just don't get it.
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    Anime Request Thread

    Hi Everyone! Idaten Jump would be a reasonable request. Especially since I cant wait to see the 2nd episode to get more in depth of the series. There's currently only 1 episode available here.