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    China property bubble?

    Did you know huge sums of money (trillions in fact) have been spent on various construction projects, roads, railways and bridges in China. Nearly all of which are under used and will never make a return. Did you know many of the longest bridges in the world now belong to China yet many of them...
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    Steve Job's Death

    Just a few hours it was announced that co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has passed away. As one of the great businessmen of modern times and the creator of iconic products such as the Mac, ipod, ipad and iphone it is a sad day to see him pass.
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    Steins; Gate

    Title: Steins; Gate Japanese title: シュタインズ ゲート Original run: 5th April 2011–21st June 2011 (12 episodes) Original creators: 5pb., Nitroplus Animation Studio: WHITE FOX Official website (Japanese): Seiyuu cast Asami Imai as Kurisu Makise Mamoru...
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    Yumekui Merry

    Title: Yumekui Merry (Dream Eater Merry) Japanese title: 夢喰いメリー Genres: Action Premier dates: 6th January 2011–24th March 2011 (12 episodes) Original creator: Yoshitaka Ushiki Animation Studio: J.C Staff Official website (Japanese): Plot Summary: Ten years...
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    Post your holiday photos!

    I can't believe someone hasn't started a thread on this already! As the title of the thread suggests this thread is to be used to post pictures of your holiday! Doesn't have to be a holiday aboard so long as it occurs in your time off. Well to get the ball rolling I will post some of my photos...
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    FTV League - Round 3

    __________________ This thread will be used to post votes for the main competition of the FTV League! The competition will last 6 weeks and will start on June 21st and end on July 30th. Unlike previous FTV Leagues this competition will be a straight knock-out competition with the opening round...
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    FTV League 3 - Discussion thread

    ___________________ If anyone has any questions or comments regarding the qualification thread or the competition in general please post them here. If you are interested in helping the FTV League team then this is the place to post. The rules for this tournament are shown below: Rules: The...
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    FTV League 3 - Qualifying round

    ___________________ Welcome to the third round of the popular FTV League! For newer members who are unfamiliar with the FTV League, this is a competition where people get the chance to vote for their favourite anime girls! Like the previous tournaments there is a qualifying round which...
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    Integrate twitter/facebook to the profile page

    Considering social networking sites are so popular these days (and seem to be going from strength to strength) I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to include some sort of twitter/facebook integration with the profile page. By integration I mean the profile page would link to the users...
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    FTV League (prediction game)

    In this game people make predictions on the outcome of matches in the FTV League. All predictions are done 1 week in advance. So if we are in week 4 of the FTV League competition then predictions will be made for week 5 games of the league. Here are the rules: People have to make predictions...
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    Sickness thread

    All right, this is the thread where you can have a good whine about how ill you are! Unlike the absence thread this is only a bit of a fun and you're under no obligation to report ill or gone missing. Injuries are also acceptable! In fact anything that stops you from being fully healthy is...
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    2008 Beijing Olympics

    Well like the title already said this thread is for the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China. I don't know if that many people here are interested in it but since it's a pretty big event so I think it deserves its own thread. This will be the 27th summer games and with the opening day tomorrow not a...
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    Today somebody successfully cloned their dead pet. Their pet dog died 2 years ago from cancer but by preserving the dog's skin cells scientists were able to successfully clone the dog. A scientific miracle: Pet cloning service bears five baby Boogers. This precedent also raises it's own ethical...
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    Marriage the union of two individuals. People get married for a variety of reasons be it love, economic, social or even to obtain citizenship. But what is the most important factor in getting married? Is marriage even needed to strengthen a relationship? After all if a couple share the same...
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    Restoring democracy in Zimbabwe

    The usual rules Heard about the bloodshed and the rigged elections in Zimbabwe? What do you think of these turn of events and what can be done to restore democracy? As always, any opinion is fair game as long as you support it with arguments. Stay respectful of others and don't use abusive...