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    Files not uploading onto site (May not be problem)

    This is not a complaint, rather out of concern it seems as though certain files were not uploading onto the site and have since disappeared off the list. Is there something wrong with the uploading?
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    Kerry's Petition for Healthcare

    Don't know if any of you guys care, but if so... John Kerry wants to introduce a Bill before Congress to provide healthcare to children. He wants people to support the initiative before he introduces it, i.e. as "co-sponsers"--you can read the spiel and see the video at...
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    Ads Suggestion

    Well you may have a reason for not doing this, but since you only have two ads on the frontpage it makes it difficult to support this site with many clicks. If you had more ads or varied ads, or forum ads, etc. Then those who enjoy your site can support it more. (that is unless you guys are...