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    Dragon Ball Heroes (2018-21) & Super (2013-18)

    i hate to ask but why did you not enjoy GT? i thought it was epic
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    Where are you from and how fast did you hear...

    I'm not one to discuss politics online much but rather than because its politics i wanted to ask about this more because it involves a dead "person of interest". I know it sounds cryptic to discuss this in this kind of forum but please humor me if you are feeling like it, where are you from and...
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    QUOTE (Klyern)Today i woke up and went to make coffee.... i found a kaiju sized roach in my kitchen.... First thought was ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ as i glanced over my shoulder from behind, making a serious face (in Hirohiko Akari Art Style) Second; "fuck, a terraformar, IM FUCKED!!! i thought...
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    An anisong for you!

    I came up with an idea for a game to get things heated up around here while i was searching for an anisong. The name is "an anisong for you!", as the title implies recommend an anisong to the person above you, it doesnt need to have any sort of relation to the last posted song (genre band etc...
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    Shiritori All Stars

    Since it seemed people enjoyed the last one here is a new one! this time the count limit will be 101 pages (unless anyone says otherwise), below are the rules, they are a bit weird but its all in the spirit of making it easy and fun, so please enjoy it and feel free make it hard for the next...
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    Shiritori until Nyaa is up? (locked)

    ^title Rules 1 Only anime manga, LN, live action, webcomic or anisong names are accepted (no food animals objects or places unrelated to anime. Actors, studios and bands that make anisongs etc are also accepted). Also, anime phrases are also accepted (and encouraged lol), such as Jotaro's...
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    Isn't Manhwa Taking Over the World?

    Zero Unbalance x Unbalance Shin Angyo Onshi Kurokami Freezing Tower of God Noblesse The Gamer And if you consider more manhwa webcomics that im not even listing, then the list goes on, plus im sure im forgetting a few manhwas. In my opinion lately the quality of manhwa has been better than...
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    Buying anime OSTs outside japan?

    So far i've not obsessed over an ost so much that i wanted to buy it no matter what but now i have, i was thinking of buying the soundtracks (legally) for mekakucity actors, but in the first place i dont even know whether its licensed outside of japan or whatever. Does anyone know a site where...
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    What mmos are YOU playing right now?

    I was curious and just wanted to see what everyone in Ftv likes and is playing (whether you play it every day or just casually, no harm meant) Im playing swtor, aura kingdom, and minecraft (currently making an Aincrad castle with a friend, sadly only 20 floors high due to time and limit...
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    Can someone describe how Diabolik Lovers is?

    So I was looking at the screenshots and it looks like theres only one female character and multiple males, like Amnesia, which for an anime that was probably based on an otome game it felt compelling in a Clover-ish sort of way. But there is still no summary, so can anyone tell me what its...
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    So the anime isnt nearly as good as the manga? i dont see anyone commenting on it and its already up to episode 13.
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    Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season & Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

    hahahaha i have been awake for like 10 hours and i witnessed it, the thing that us humans call obsession! The first ep was translated by just a couple of groups, then when the second came out, all the groups made a version almost simultaneously xD Its like everyone is into this anime. Ill save...
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    Sub language policy?

    Im just asking but when did the policy about english only subs change? I'm latin and i prefer the english sub groups, so when i tried out a few new groups i learned about from this site they ended up being spanish subs, it might sound ridiculous spanish being my native language but when did the...
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    Raw fake

    Torrent Working ep7 from temporary worker, raw.!!-Season-2-7/
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    uploaded images not matching the rules some are hardcoded (lol) and some are soft subs