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    Sword Art Online

    Synopsis "Escape was impossible until it was cleared; a game over would mean an actual «death»―. Without knowing the «truth» of the mysterious next generation MMO, «Sword Art Online» (SAO), approximately ten thousand users logged in together, opening the curtains to this cruel death battle...
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    Threads Per Season Debate

    Mod note: This thread was split from this thread. You know Wolfie there was really no need for a new thread, totally wasted space, time and everything else from you. Just like with Zero no Tsukaima.
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    Type: Movie Aired: Aug 21, 2010 Producers: Sunrise, Aniplex Genres: Drama, Slice of Life, Supernatural Duration: 2 hr. 7 min. Synopsis: "Based on an award-wining first person narrative novel by Mori Eto. The movie won several awards in Japan. "I" died and was kicked out of the cycle of...
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    Koe de Oshigoto!

    Description: "Koe de Oshigoto! is a story about Aoyagi Kanna, a 16 year-old girl who was asked to become an erotic game voice actress on her 16th birthday by her 28 year-old sister at her company." MAL-Link! Just like you can guess from the description this is an totally erotic and funny...
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    Super Robot Wars OG - The Inspector

    Synopsis: "With many of its central personnel lost in the war, the Earth Federation Government is forced to rebuild, and Brian Midcrid, president of the Unified Colonies, takes the position of its president. During an emergency session of the Federation Diet, he publicly acknowledges the...
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    Shinryaku! Ika Musume

    Synopsis: "The sea in our world has been polluted. All sorts of trash were thrown into the sea, making it unpleasant deep under the sea. One of the inhabitants of the sea, Ika Musume (Squid Girl) seeks to exact revenge on humanity for throwing trash into the sea. Clueless about the surface, she...
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    Yosuga no Sora

    Synopsis: "The story is set in the distant mountain village of Okukozome-chou. Haruka Kazugano and his twin sister Sora have fond childhood memories of going to the village to visit their grandfather during their summer vacations. However, after losing their parents in an accident, the two must...
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    Psychic Detective Yakumo

    Synopsis: "In order to help a friend possessed by a spirit, Ozawa Haruka knocks on the door of her university's movie research association. There she meets Saitou Yakumo, a rude, unkempt young man with a red left eye, who is said to have spiritual powers. At first Haruka is skeptical, but she...
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    Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

    Description: "The Upper Region sends two angels "Panty" and "Stocking" to Earth. Panty, a blond woman in teen-celebrity-style clothes, and Stocking, a black haired woman in gothic lolita fashion, fight against peculiar ghosts." So next in line for this season. Description above and here the...
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    Description: "Sado Tarou suffers from sexual masochism; he experiences sexual pleasure from pain. He feels he won't ever have a normal relationship with his condition and decides to visit the Voluntary Club, a place that grants students' wishes, for a cure. At the club, he finds Isurugi Mio, a...
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    Good Ending

    Good Ending Summary: A follow-up to a heavy response to the original yomi-kiri manga by the same title, published 4 months ago. Good ending follows the main character Utsuki 's interactions with Kurokawa Yuki, a member of the school tennis team, in order for Utsuki to confess his feelings to...
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    What do you want/dont you want to see in

    You know sometimes you see an anime and you just know what happens and it feels like youve seen it a hundred times already but some things you want to see arent out there. And here I want to ask you what you want and dont want to see in upcoming animes. Do want: - A Harem-anime without all the...
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    Changing Nickname

    Hi I want to change my Nickname, because the one I have is old, very old. So I want to use the one I use on other Sites. What do I have to do, or who must I ask for this? Thanks for answers.