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    Things a Mai-HiME Character would never say...

    Feel free to play along... Miyu (in Simon Cowell fashion) : "Alyssa, that was not your best performance. Your voice was very flat tonight. If you want to win in this competition, you are going to have to give it your all everytime." Midori : "OK, fine. I'm not really 17 years old." Mai ...
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    IRC Channel?

    You guys ever thought about registering a channel on IRC for I think itd be pretty cool to have a place to chat, alongside the forum. I know some stuff about IRC, so I'd be of assistance if need be. Just a thought.
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    Who is your favorite HiME!

    Which one is your favorite? As for me, I like Midori the best. I like her personality the best over the other HiME's. So care free. Like that ep. where she gets drunk with her friend.
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    APPLESEED QUOTE A.D. 2131, the non nuclear world war which had destroyed the world almost completely ended. Deunan Nuts was wandering in a ruined city. She had survived from the war as a soldier. There appeared a large helicopter suddenly...
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    I'm jrow7784

    somebody recommended me to check this site out for the direct downloads. Very awesome stuff!!! about me and my anime preferences, I'm currently watching Naruto, Gundam Seed Destiny, Mai-Hime, Bleach, and just finished the greatest series of all time, Full Metal Alchemist (imo) and Tenjou Tenge...