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    Falcom announce Trails of Zero and Trails of Azure localisation!

    Don't worry they're on Steam ready to wish list and they Have pages on Epic Game Store. So just pick your store of choice.
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    Falcom announce Trails of Zero and Trails of Azure localisation!

    Ooooo I didn't know about the anime. Now I'm glad since I think it could very easily work as an anime.
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    Fruits Basket: The Final

    I'm currently on The Final - episode 5- and I'm failing to see the hype. I've never seen Fruits Basket before. Then it popped up my MAL that The Final kept creeping up their top rating list, as of writing this it is now their #1 rated anime. So I decided to binge it all, season 1 was okay...
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    Trails of series

    Sorry this is soo late @monsta666, blame work. Anyway, we're getting Crossbell and more officially in the west. Geofront who did the unofficial patches are partnering with Nisa to help bring...
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    what are you doing?

    This, I've been slowly watching anime again properly for the first time in years. Took my 5 minutes after being away for me to come across gogoanime and 9anime, really don't think either of them are legit. Honestly I'm curious if during Fansubs hey day if our streams were properly licensed or it...
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    Summer Season 2021 Line-Up: Bring out your watchlists!!! XD

    Getter Robo Arc. That's it for me.
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    Trails of series

    Know all that but I'm one of those suckers who's waiting for official releases instead of the fan translations so I'm happy skipping the Crossbell duology. That being said the pace I'm going they may actually get localised by the time I get there. What do you think ofthe upcomong one not being...
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    Fansub Gaming Friends

    If any of us want to game with each other. Feel free to put your various names and codes here :) Hiasubi will usually find me on Steam 5979 0608 4767 will get me on my Switch. Xavier Fudge will find me on PSN but I rarely use it nowadays apart from to play GBO2 and GB3 occasionally.
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    Trails of series

    Trails is what got me into Falcom. Played 1+2 of ToCS on my Vita. Now I'm mostly a PC game so I've decided to play through all of Sky, then go through Steel from start to finish.
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    Ys series

    Ys VII Ys VIII Ys Origin ToCS 1 ToCS 2 Currently playing through TItS 1 atm. On and off though so it's taking a while.
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    Ys series

    @monsta666 Dude I never knew you were into Nihon Falcom games! Awesome!
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    what are you doing?

    @Maiku_Ando A slow cooker is great, essentially it's a decent sized pot with a lid, you throw food in, set on high or low, come back later, foods ready and you just need to serve. There are some fancy slow cookers that allow you to fry and all sorts. I work shifts that are literally all over the...
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    Oddly enough I've checked back here more in the past week than I have in a few years. It's...

    Oddly enough I've checked back here more in the past week than I have in a few years. It's actually made me happy to see it's still around honestly.
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    Manga Recommendation

    I recommend One Punch Man, not so much for the story but Yusuke Murata's art is absolutely phenomenonal, up there with Kentaro Miura at times. Speaking of Kentaro Miura, I recommend Berserk more so since his passing. Especially if you can get your hands on the oversized hardbacks Dark Horse...
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    Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season & Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

    Still so many people hating the ending to this. Its been so badly received by some groups of fans they're going to be animating their own fan ending. It makes me laugh so much that an ending can pee this many people off.