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    Dropping By to Say Hello Again

    Hi guys, Hamasusuke here. I'm sure not a lot of you guys know me, and that's fine. In fact I believe I should have "retired" as a flair to my name. I haven't been back to this forum in over 8 years or so. Well, to be frank, I just wanted to know how everyone is doing, and if there's any old...
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    Poetry Writing and Etc.

    Hey guys, it's Hama, asking for help. Well recently my English teacher has assigned us a total of 8 types of poems to write: 1) Shakespearean Sonnet with Iambic Pentameter 2) Ode 3) Free-verse 4) Alliteration 5) Lyrical 6) Children/Nursery 7) Pastoral 8) Villanelle So yeah, in this topic I'd...
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    VOTE for your Favorite Anime of 2007 in the Final Poll: HERE!!!
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    Fansub.TV 2007: Highlights!

    Hey there guys, guess what? 2007's drawing to a close! And with Christmas and New Years coming up, we might as well start a little celebration for ourselves! So here's a little in-sight of what happened throughout the FTV community this past year:New hit animes! Art Competitions! More...
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    Anime Request Thread

    Prism Ark is an MFI work, so if you expect that you can download it on FTV or ask for it here, don't.
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    Perlovga virus - Need Help

    So yeah today I found out that I had the Perlovga Virus on my computer, and so far Google didn't give me an exact possible way to remove it. It really sucks, because now some of my shortcuts to my drives won't let me get to them due to the Copy.exe problem. Does anybody know the best way to...
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    The World that Never Was/Bright City CG

    Hey guys I'm trying to make a new project for photoshop, but I'm requiring one thing: a city. At the moment, I'm looking for a large image of something similar to The World That Never Was in Kingdom Hearts II (The Cinema version of the town, not the in-game one). If you can find an image just...
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    Router Restarts when >200kb/s

    Yup, there's a similar problem to this, but this is my problem, so I'll fortify. Anyways, I've been having some technical issues with my router restarting everytime I go over my seemingly moderate speed (which is around 200kb/s) to my current speed (usually 300kb/s) for at least a large number...
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    Technique Workshop

    First off, The purpose of this thread is to discuss, evaluate, and use different types of techniques you can use in a wallpaper, signature, or miscellaneous things, and many other ways you can use photoshop to it's full advantage. In this thread, we will be using many types of tutorials that...
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    Banning/Unbanning Issue: IP Tool

    Many of you guys are wondering why you aren't getting unbanned as promptly as possible. This is due to the IP tool we use to look up and unban your IP being unfunctional. This had persisted quite awhile. However, it was moreoverly ignored since the Koushin Scheduler and the Full-Service...
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    Saturday Night Live Time Poll

    This is pertaining to the Saturday Night Live event. Please choose your best time. We will then accumulate what time is best. for more information, visit: This Thread
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    Monitor Problem

    Hey guys it's me again, with another computer-related problem (yes, again XD). anyhow, it seems like my monitor doesn't work. The power button blinks on and off, but there's no image displayed. It also makes a bird-like buzz when the power button flickers on. The monitor's model is E173FPb...
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    Hamasusuke's Tutorial

    This is a tut i made completely in the afternoon (2 hours). Sorry if it was rushed. This tut is called the RazingCut (called that because of how the background looks "cut' somewhere. Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
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    Teamspeak New Year Celebration

    "Wow, it's that time of year again!?" Well, of course! And to start the new year off for FTV, we're taking it, personally! Come on the Teamspeak Voice Server in honor of the new year and the long continuation of FTV's uptime! Even though Christmas has been recent, doesn't mean we can stop...
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    Hamasusuke's Library of Photoshop Arts

    Well.. yeah the title says all. Most of them are my creations (most of which from when i was completely using MSPaint till now moments). Others, some of which are abstract, are made by pals, friends, family, and people in between who has given me such gifts. Briefly said, this thread was...