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    Read or die and RoD TV

    Hey everyone, Thought i'd make a topic on these two - the ovas read or die and the sequel series read or dream. After watching them anyone would want the power of paper! I really enjoyed this series when i watched it as it isn't too predictable, the characters are interesting and their...
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    Real Otaku heroes

    Hey has anyone listened to any of the real men of genius parodies from for anime fans? They're surprisingly well done. I can never make up my mind over which i like most though
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    Do a barrel roll!

    A very amusing image...
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    Character designs

    For many the character designs in an anime are crucial. Some types are even named after the original animators who designed them. You have the differences between more realist styles, say that of Cowboy Bebop, to more super deformed crazy styles such as in Dragon half and those in between such...
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    Crest of the stars and banner of the stars 1-3

    Anyone here a fan of the anime or manga series? I adore it, Lafiel is one of my favourite anime characters and i think the anime series is really quite good. Recently Banner of the stars 3 was done, essentially a two episode thing and more of an ova but i enjoyed it nonetheless. I can never make...
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    Black Lagoon anime

    Anyone seen any of this yet or read the manga? I've caught the first two episodes so far and it's shaping up to be quite good. Loved some of the stuff so far including craziness, action and comedy. The characters seem interesting too and i believe the idea for the show is pretty innovative as it...
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    Psychic Acaedemy

    I've only read the first volume but i found it completely hilarious. Master Boo, the bunny rabbit is awesome and just made me chuckle all the time. I like the not taken very seriously grandiose nature of the background - main character's brother is the vanquisher of some all powerful evil and...