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    Well,,, my friend sent me that's a gay-test-meter quiz.. Dont think you are completly straight... i thought ill get 0% since i was in love with girl and all my relationships with girls...... but it turned on that i'm a 40% GAY...
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    I'v had enough

    Hi I just wanna say thanks for all in the forum... i'll not be posting anymore.. I'v had enough of this life Wish you all the best and goodluck Bye
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    Why do you think the net was born?

    Well, I dont know where do i have to put this one,, but here you go I found this clip in a website,, its very amazing,, and thats what i think about the net was born for...
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    Would You Do Anything For Money??

    Well, i'm asking this question cause i was checking a video where a guy ask the woman to pump gas naked for $400 and she accepted... if someone ask you to do the same or something crazy like that would you? For me,, NO WAY
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    Family Guy

    Do we have here any Family Guy fans?? Any is there anyone knows where can i download the last season from family guy??
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    israel or arabs

    Well... here is a question i always wanted to ask... and also i was talking with some friends and one of them is from poland....i asked him this question...who do you support? arabs or israel? (since iam an arab)... so i wanna ask this question to you guys...
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    Someone you trust??

    I'M BACK ok here you go guys & girls,, i found this question in a web site and i really like it,, is there anyone you trust him/her with you secrets and can depend on him/her with your problems? My answer: till today yah,, But in few minutes i lost everything,,, today is my worst day ever,,,