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    Describe the Poster above you!

    Well,basically this is a game in Beast's Lair,another forum I'm a part of(for Type-Moon fan(atics!) ).I think it's an interesting idea,so I guess it might be interesting to play the game here. And,this game is a creative idea of arquenevis of Beast's Lair,so credit goes to him. BTW,the rule...
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    Firearms rule in U.S

    Umm...well...I've been meaning to give this topic a go here in FTV...eversince the Virginia Tech's incident.Though I've always give some thought on it even before the tragic incident,but I guess it might be pretty good to give a thoughtful moments on this one. Seriously,as probably have been...
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    Your BAD habits/attitude

    After my first thread has already been forgotten ,I still didn't learn my lesson and try for another one. Okay,I've used the search feature,and the only thing we got is the "My weirdest habits" thread,so I guess this thread of mine is legal.The thing we're about to discuss here is like the...
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    Not-really-fun game

    Yay!After probably 8 months of dwelling,lingering,posting and spamming in Fansub TV,d'observer have finally decided to start a thread by himself!Yay! Anyway,I don't know what to call this 'game'(or thread),but here is some 'rule' I've made up without consulting any mods,sempais or members of...
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    Types of ruling

    [MODERATOR's NOTE: This thread resulted from a split from this thread. Please refer to those posts if you are looking for the quoted text] QUOTE (rtgmath-san)Yup. Quite true. I'm a math prof at a community college. I have a wife and...