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    Ascending The Ranks In The Forums

    Hiya! I was just trolling the site like I usually do when a question came up in my mind. I noticed the members of the staff and the sempais that float from one topic to the next... but a part of me was curious as to how one goes from simple member of the thousands... to the role of say a...
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    Halloween And Anime

    Old Hallow's Eve seems to be a trend here in America more so than in other places around the globe (correct me if i'm wrong... V_V;) but what I was wondering to post was basically what some people's experiences have been like with this particular day and anime. Maybe... some of you were giving...
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    Dance, My Anime Vixen, Dance

    I wanted to start one based on this one because I don't remember seeing one... if there was one, someone enlighten me because I'd spend some time ranting on there as well. Basically, I wanted to ask if this notion of dancing characters at the end of shows is a pulling favor for most of you or...
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    Professions and Aspirations

    First ever thread started by me. I'm a little excited actually... but I dunno if this has already been done. I'm sure that it has or if it hasn't, it should have been. What do you aspire to be? What are you doing now as a career option? What inspired you to undertake that field as a life...