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    Anime fans build minicities...!

    I found this site, and since it doesn't require maintenance, I thought it might be fun to have people here make their own cities, and all you have to do to grow them is get other people to click your link...(one click per person per day) So I thought if people were interested, we could each...
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    Uploaded Anime Library

    Really, people. Get a clue. Yes, shortly after the sever crash the staff at wanted to know about any problems that they might be able to get fixed, but that's been quite a while ago... let it go. They are all too busy, or have lost the original files, or it's unbelieveably...
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    Missing Episodes

    Is this the place to post a request that episodes missing from the middle of series be restored or obtained...? I try to find .torrents for missing (or single translator sets) but am not always successful... For example, episode 14 of Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z is missing... there are only...
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    Missing episode files

    I hope it's ok if I list more than one series episodes that are missing... Is it gonna be possible to get episode 14 of Powerpuff Girls Z? And is it possible to get episode 9 of Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge? And Bokura Ga Ita episode 16? That's what I got for now....any info would be appreciated...
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    Account stuff??

    Ok, I finally got my avatar to work (I think), but I've had this 'Peer Network swipe card' thingie and I don't know what it is... and it says to copy it to my 'FPN folder', only I have no idea what that is... sigh... sorry if this is WAY too noob, but I've never had something like this in any of...