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    Title: RWBY (as in Red, White,Black, Yellow) Author: Monty Oum (of Dead Fantasy and Red Vs Black fame) Produced By: Rooster Teeth Start Date: July 5 Storyline: Nothing is known exactly so far, but the plot seems to take place in sort of modern a-bit-dystopian setting, filled with supernatural...
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    Episode Count: 12 Studio: Madhouse Genre: Action. Story: The storyline follows Eric Brooks, half-vampire, half-human, also known as Blade, who is out on a mission of revenge and redemption. While on mission in japan, he stumbles upon the long reaching-chain of conspiracies and infiltrations...
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    El Shaddai - Ascension of Metatron

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Abstract Art Platform: PS3, XBOX360 Developers: Ignition Entertainment Release date: July 26, 2011 Plot: Heavily inspired by Old Testament's Book of Enoch, the game tells the story of Enoch, a high priest looking for seven fallen angels with the goals of...
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    Shingeki no Kyojin

    Title: Shingeki no Kyojin Genre: Action, Horror, Shounen Author: Hajime Isayama Storyline: Hundreds of years ago "They" came. Taller than buildings humanoid creatures, the humankind dubbed "Giants". These seemingly unintelligent creatures enjoyed only one thing - human flesh. In short...
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    Title: Magicka Developers: Arowhead Studios. Publishers: Paradox Interactive Genre: Hack'n'Slash/Action/Arcade/RPG Year of Release:2011 Available on: Steam. Story: Once upon a time, in a generic fantasy world(which was obviously in great peril), only up to the four wizards had the power to...
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    Billy Bat

    Author: Urasawa Naoki(20th Century Boys, Pluto) Genre: Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Psychological, Mind-Games, Seinen Story: 1949. Half-Japanese, Half-American comic book writer, Kevin Yamagata, in USA spends days trying to think up an ending to his comic book , "Billy Bat", featuring an...
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    Dragon Age II

    url: Story: so apparantly you play as this angry guy named ebonHawke, who is (dunn dunn dunn) A Champiun of Kirkwall and we follow him through the end of the blight (when he escapes with his hot sisterfamily from skeletorsdarkspawn by the help of Flemeth(who is...
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    Torchlight II !

    Game Title:Torchlight II Genre: A-RPG, Diablo-like Developers: Runic Games Publisher: Perfect World International Composer:Matt Uelman Platforms: PC Official Website: PLOT: Far beyond the town of Torchlight, lies a world shrouded in misteries, slowly getting...
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    Castlevania - Lords of Shadow

    Game Title:Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Genre: 3rd Person action adventure/platformer/castlevania Developers: MercurySteam, Kojima Productions(of Metal Gear Solid fame) Publisher: KONAMI Composer:Óscar Araujo Platforms: PS3, Xbox360, PC(Possibility depending on sales) Official Website...
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    Why i think everyone should NOT use MAL.

    A Day ago a newsitem about One Manga closing down appeared. 12 hours ago I posted a comprehensive and long argument on why its a good thing and how such websites should have never existed This morning A hour ago I woke up to this: Well Okay I guess, it might be some sort of bug since...
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    Cat Shit One

    Type: ONA Episodes: 12 Producers: Studio Anima Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Military Storyline: The adaptation of Apocalypse Meow manga, centering around well-known military conflicts in paralel world....where are no humans and each country is populated by animals. Trailer...
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    World of Tanks

    Official Website: Genre: Panzer Sim/Arcade mmorpg Status: Closed Beta Features: - Over 500 different vehicles. - Each vehicle is fully upgradeable. - Maps with size ranging to more than 25km. - Realistic Tanks of Germany and USSR. - Fully destructible maps. -...
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    Supernatural - The Anime

    Title: Supernatural Studio: Madhouse Episode Count: 22 Release Date:January 12, 2011 Writer: Eric Kripke Official Website: Plot: 21st century. The world is seriously screwed, and it does not even know that. Sam Winchester, a somewhat...
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    Developers: Runic Games Designer: Travis Baldree (Diablo, Diablo II, Fate, Mythos, Fate II) Lead Developers: Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer (Diablo, Diablo II) Music Composer: Matt Uelmen(Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft, WoW:TBC) Genre: Action RPG Official Website:
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    KOBATO Length: 24 Episodes Starts: October 06, 2009 Producers: Madhouse, CLAMP, NHK Genre:Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy Kobato is a clumsy and naive girl with a naive outlook into the world and almost no common sense. Going towards the mysterious and unknown goal, she is observed, schooled and...