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    Fate/Stay Night

    ok my sister got some subb fate/stay night manga but... it was only, if based on the anime, episodes 1 to 4... but i there really an official fate.stay night manga? or did that manga my sister have is only done by a fan? scratch this thread off if it doesn't have any relevance
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    Anime Request Thread

    any news about ichigo 100% season 2 and suzuka season 2?
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    Anime Request Thread

    could i request info how many chapters is Love Hina? please gimme an answer since i'm not askin for a source just the number of chepters ok?
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    Anime Request Thread

    the school rumble episodes before i believe are only ovas... cause i have it... and also it said in the ending of the second episode of the "OVA" that they are going to have a 2nd season...
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    IQ Test

    man here your IQ thread... hope it would be useful for guys who wants to brag there intellegence... anyway my iq i really don't know... but i just remember it is in the border of the excellent and genius level... but i just don't study much... cause i thought my IQ will do the rest... i was...
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    Anime Request Thread

    any info on suzuka season 2, school rumble season 2, ichigo 100% season 2? cause i'm calculating what things will come out this summer and if i have the money to buy everything... thanks guys!
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    Anime Request Thread

    also here anyone who knows a site of air gear mangas please tell me... also when it will become an anime... or if its already an anime... when it will be released... thanks for the help.
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    Anime Request Thread

    hwy guys what site could i find bunch of anime mangas? can you please post the link! please! also do you have chapters 1 to 52 of airgear? just have 23 and 52...
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    PC Help

    man can you please help me and tell me how do you reformat please? also can anyone suggest what computer parts are really nice to make a good pc? please don't just choose the expesive ones just becuase thats the best... kinda suggest parts that can be achieved by a highschooler... thanks...
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    man i really like bring up things with curious me... anyway this is something me and my classmates are debating... wat do you think about it. wanna hear from you guys. [Moderators Note ~ For everyone wanting to post in this thread, please give the GENERAL RULES a good read over. But heres a...
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    thanks bold for suggesting to make one! the thing is i got my pc reformatted... again... and i think the applications i'm using are not that effective... <_<so does anyone have a suggestion? also for me i need an anti spyware and an anti-virus software... it must not hog too much memory cause...
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    Eat or Sleep

    man this is one of the things which really bugs me... after so much thinking i realize that eating and sleeping beats any other hobby like computer games and even anime... so now think and vote which is much more good to do? ... as much as possible make CLEAN answers... cause maybe some would...
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    Fixing People

    Ok i started a forum about knocking some conscience to people that are doing the bad things in the forums... now we could identify and changee or at least make those guys think what they are doing is wrong... the only difference from the daedroth thread is that this could be ANYONE... so if...
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    Poem Thread

    A forum for poems... I hope every poem dude would give respect to other poems... I can't start the 1st post... maybe when the first page of this forum is filled then i'll post.
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    Defenders of the Ancients (DoTA)

    Ok i already made a thread for dota... just waiting for people who plays dota... By the way if anybody who doesn't know what dota is it is a map map in war craft III with the frozen throne expasion and updated patch. Man I thought it would be fun if even once we could try it one time... so...