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And this week's recommendation is Kamen No Maid Guy
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News: Hama: Couger, I saw you the other day dude. Yeah and I got hot enough to set South California on fire. I still need to take you to the "beach" I was talking about awhile ago... you know what I mean. Dear Diary, Let me tell you a story. A story of mysteries of the world. A mysterious story that'll make you wanna shout, "Oh Mai Friggin' Gawd MYSTERIOUS! MYSTERIOUS FRIGGIN BIZNESS." The mystery of maximum deflection and unknown masses, kinetic friction, unknown forms of energy...
This month's recommendation goes to... Umisho. So I'm being told we've a new section; Drama section. Now I know nothing about Drama except that it's for sissies and, well apparently we got lots of them. And I quote someone; "Drama is quite interesting if I may say. The addiction to watch Drama is quite similar to that of playing CS."-- And no, not Computer Science daft. Yes hama, it's Counter Strike, the game you are not very good at. And no jam, it's not about some huge pink monster with...
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