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Biweekly necromendations: 3D Kanojo - Real Girl, TV series and live'action film after Tsutsui helped Ayado in ep.7, can Itō invite her to go camp with them?:p Biweekly necromendations: Piano no Mori, movie from 2007 and new tv series despite unfair judges for Kai's first performance in ep.4, a happy MILF's day!:d Biweekly necromendation: Golden Kamuy, Hokkaido gold rush Wild-west style! right after finding more prisoners in ep'2, a review on NHK·World is released!:) Biweekly...
Honorable Mention: Blend·S Ep'12 I love you! 3: After the date, rated R (bits):p a 2017 full of Fate, so Kayneth celebrates xmas
Biweekly necromendation: Imōto sae Ireba Ii (A Sister's all You Need) Tv series A fun board game in ep.6 but meta-anime fail, what studio would make it?:lol:
Biweekly necromendation: UQ Holder! Mahō Sensei Negima! 2 TV & 0VA series climax in ep.5 Tōta vs Powerful Hand, awakening Evangeline's Magia Erebea :o November: ImoSae (A Sister is All you Need) PV
Biweekly necromendations: Himouto! Umaru-chan Tv seasons, 0VAs & specials as she met Sylphin's otaku brother in ep'2, will S2 celebrate halloween too?^_^
Happy Birthday Daft (5)! Nioki (17), Ryu (16) and others celebrated this 0ctober almost 15 years since Daft started Fansub.Tv, he's a Libra gold saint after all B) 0ctober Halloween: Fate/Apocrypha Netflix PV
Biweekly necromendations - In Another World with my Smartphone (IseSuma) with ep'10 Babylon's hanging garden, a quest for other 8 flying islands starts :)
Biweekly necromendation: New Game!- 2 seasons and 0VA full of yuricuteness after ep'8 maid café and party, Evil Aoba must appear to 'welcome' newbies :d September: Project Altair / a Record of Battles
Biweekly necromendation: Knights & Magic - improving technology and fantasy with ep'7 mock fights, even the prince and former king got their 0wn Mechs :p
Biweekly necromendation: Gamers! Amano Keita to Seishun continue Tv series debuting in ep.3, will Chiaki's feelings change knowing they're netgame pals?;) August: Restaurant to Another World series PV
Biweekly necromendation: Isekai Shokudou - Restaurant to Another World (TV) up to ep.3, a japanese chef's cooking Isn't common for fantasy realm people ;)
Bi-weekly necromendations: My Hero Academia S2 & Training of the Dead 0VA heroes vs zombies! after UA tourney in ep'26, didn't feel like a week break!:lol: July: Kyōkai no Rinne series 3 -Rinne's mom arc
Biweekly necromendation: Renai Boukun (Love tyrant) season final tv episodes ep'11 just got weirder, seeing carefree angel Guri as a hardworking demon!:lol: