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Fall Season 2013 Line-Up

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Posted 07 March 2017 - 10:54 PM

Guess I'll post my thoughts of it here: Kyousougiga... fall '13... was rather well done given the rather esoteric subject matter. I watched it after seeing a review on Youtube... http://www.youtube.c...h?v=O_m2-iqbDgg  after the guy posting it had a review of another newer show... His really liked it... not that that means anything, as so many people like stuff that isn't very good, but maybe there isn't much out there worth watching too often, so the good on really stick out... this one is different... more comedic... keeping it a little 'strange', holding back what things mean, the connections etc.... on purpose to push the plot... only 10 eps... though there was a couple others... a travelogue one which I actually thought interesting on the settings.. and the last one was a second wrapup episode... which wasn't bad as it seems I missed a few things while blinking my eyes or something in one episode...


It's essentially the classic 'Law of One'... all is one... creator is creation and vice versa.... not that they get into it much, but that is the implication, guess this Youtuber has even put up another longer review for In -Depth Synopsis.. not sure why, as it's pretty basic, unless you've never heard of this stuff before... but a good little series on God essentially. B)  It seems this series might have been this Youtuber's entry into the esoteric... which would explain his 'In-depth' need to explain it... to himself mostly, IMO. The anime itself could go much, much further and simpler but doesn't, most likely because it's writer hasn't gone there yet.


But a nicely unique little series, and there isn't many of them out there... this one is kept 'light', not 'dark' like Lain.... which explains nearly everything until the end... sort of... ^_^

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