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what are you doing?

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Posted 15 June 2017 - 09:59 AM

I'm off to the MRI machine tomorrow.  My thumb's been bugging me since the accident. (airbag deployed across it and I was stiff arming the steering wheel during impact both.)  I finally gave up on arguing with my insurance company and just paid for an appointment out of pocket... it's a good thing I did, it's torn up pretty bad.  Still gotta negotiate with the neck clinic to get a no-insurance rate or see if by some miracle they're "in network".  The silver lining is that the thumb injury is somehow not affecting my gaming or drawing!


Of course, life's not all bad.  On the productive side, my writing is really starting to feel more solid.  I've been working on most of the stories I've been grooming for game dev and they're all starting to get to where I have some confidence in them.  I also have a new story concept that was kind of a random late night stress vent last month and it is... taking on a life of its own and I cannot wait until it's developed enough to show.   :D  (The two writing buddies that I bounce ideas off of really like it, so I'm feeling pretty solid about it.)


As mentioned, the health stuff isn't affecting my drawing, so art practice is going well if slowly.  I've got a bunch of new and highly unfinished artwork, but I'm making progress on rebuilding my art style and gesture training is really helping with anatomy and posing.  I'm also experimenting some with faces and working on my digital workflow- hopefully I'll finish some drawings soon so I can start posting them.


On the gaming side...  I finally finished off both Tales of Zestiria and Berseria a few weeks ago, beat a few indie Metroidvanias, still need to play Super Metroid but I am so not feeling that one, kinda metroided out after Metroid 1 and AM2R along with a few indies.  Tried Rosenkreuzstilette, I liked what they were doing as an old megaman fan, but it was everything I hated about classic Megaman.  Tried Rain World, I hate that game.  Probably going to play Tales of Symphonia next.  Never played the original, got the PC port along with Zestiria and it's just sat in my steam library since.  I picked up the Humble bundle VN collection, which I'm saving for possible future use because...


... The family is planning a 6 week RV vacation next month!  I'm hoping to go, medical stuff may bench me, but if it doesn't I'll be riding along and working on everything while I'm on the road.  Since I can't drive the RV, I'll basically be able to work on my writing and code without much interruption.  (The tradeoff is, I'll barely be able to code because I can't copy paste from stack overflow. :P )  In preparation I've been setting up VPN access into the home network so that I can feel a little safer using public access points, and we got this really nice +18db gain antenna and repeater setup that mounts on the RV, it can connect to a hotspot a mile away.  B)

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Posted 15 June 2017 - 01:27 PM

Hi everybody, my name is Mike, I am 23 year old guy, but I still fond of anime, nice to meet you all :D I just wanted to greet all of you :)

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Posted 24 September 2017 - 03:21 PM

Well had a very crazy past two weeks or so, most of it was being busy at work due to a hurricane that hit where I live somewhat, oh but not directly though. So I'm still playing catchup on a few things here, and mostly I'm going to miss my full time hours that I had at my job though.

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