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In Topic: IS: Infinite Stratos

08 April 2011 - 10:55 AM

QUOTE (Killer_Ossi @ Feb 27 2011, 04:45 PM)
A pretty good ep.
The fight was enjoyable and the character-development for both Laura and Charlotte was good too.
But the best was the end when Laura said Ichika will be her waifu. This is just so totally wrong its great. I guess we will now see a troubled Ichika since he gets too much attention from Laura.

@Xanadu: Aehh, they never even once wore normally clothes under their IS. I wonder how you came to that assumption oO

@nijlandp: It should be obvious who he wants to protect. Houki, Chifuyu and everyone else around him. And Ichika is a lot better than most maincharacters in my eyes. At least in the fights he looks like a man.
And outside of a fight Iw would say he is the typical japanese. Just like every american is the typical badass undefeatable hero without flaws in american movies and shows since they think they are really so, japanese male maincharacter are gutless and useless when it comes to romantic and women. At least Japan seems to see itself like that.

yea that was great (late in the discussion and everything but meh.)

I think that is the first time in me ever watching anime where i have ever was speechless and had the whole jaw-drop along with everyone else in the anime. then the whole "going to be my wife" line almost busted a gut there

In Topic: Theory of Evolution

09 June 2010 - 02:59 AM

wel now that this is back....

The hard part everyone is seeing is that, How can a monkey turn into a man. Given enough time it will happen. The reason we can seee it in animals is because of hte reality short lifespans they have. Dogs and cats live really short lives. While we last on average 60 years.

Granted I think the number of years the scientist say are wrong, but, we don't really know what fully drives evolution. We know conflict is one part of it. If one is better at getting food than another then that one organism is going to live. Thats the reason infections are so bad in humans. Small bacteria get into your body and start taking the food/chemicals that your body needs to function. And if your body can't fight the infection then your screwed.

So even now the war is still on when it comes to evolution. And currently the hardest one is vs the virus. It has a mutative rate beyond of what they really think... I mean they have vaccines for some of the most deadliest diseases out there but they don't have one for the common cold.

Here is my list of "factors" that I think are envoled in any sort of evolution.

1. Food
2. Environment IE: how hospitable it is.
3. Other hostile creatures. IE what is going to try to eat me.

In Topic: Photography v. Fascism in the UK

09 June 2010 - 02:36 AM

there is freedom of speech but there is also just plain outright stupidity.

and I think the whole law against taking pictures of police is one step too far. Also the fact that police seem to be on that case in numbers is disturbing imo.

I hope that law gets pulled back soon.

From your brothers in The US.

In Topic: Homo Sexuality

09 June 2010 - 02:30 AM

sadly most of the hate is coming from I think the stories of the bible.

Cause in the bible it said that the reason Sodom and Gomorrah where annilated was because of the fact that all everyone seemed to think about in those cities where sex. The fact that they would do anything to have more and more of it. honestly sounds more like an outbreak of a virus that would cause that sort of thing.... (now thats one hell of a flu)

So really thats the real source of hate that is out there. They are scared god is going to come down and kill a bunch of people because of it.

The other part is that they think they can "catch" it like its some sort of disease. I think that is mainly due to what happens when a bunch of guys get together they start emulating each other. So if one person is gay then they will start to be that way too. Thus they feel threaten. As if the one person is going to change the feelings of the other.

In Topic: Moral Relativity

09 June 2010 - 02:11 AM

well thats what makes this topic hard...

what are we to discuse on why are morals relative?? I mean I agree, morals in a society are relative to the goals set by there leaders.

If you want a growing population, then you make things that would lower the population a crime and make things that help population growth celebrated.

I mean I really hate to pick on religions.... But the Catholics have a ban on any sort of contraception. Why you ask... Well for the longest time (im unclear as to the whole extant of changes have been made as of late) the only way you could be "Catholic" is that you had a Catholic family. And they have to "approve" you to be in the religion. So which means there primary way of gaining new members was to have people give birth to them.

While as in Christianity you could be "saved" and then join the group in there activity. So while they are activity a "pro-life" group mainly cause as with the Catholics they gain members. Also with the added "savors" return. They are alittle loose on there contraception ban. Its more of a "moderation."

As for the other religions and there beliefs i have to admit I have no idea.

But so far about everyone has the "Killing a person for no good reason is bad" Rule.

The Christians have a mixed view, as it seems, everyone has there own opinion on wither it is ok to defend yourself, or your family. That is more based on what they where tought growing up. Some "hardcore" Christians believe that killing in any way is "bad" so they rather themselves be killed than try to save or protect another. Cause apparently the afterlife is more important than your current one.

Now to get back onto the topic of Moral relativity, its common because the fact is we are all different. If you where to say that, a town was ding because of soil quality was going bad to the point where nothing would grow on it. Wouldn't said town turn to stealing and making it socially acpetple to do outside of the community? Sure its "not right" on the outside because they aren't going though the same kind of hard times.

I think thats what scares people the most nowadays is that we are only civilized as long as we have enough food to eat and enough water to drink, but take any of those away and we are right back where we where stealing and killing eachother to "live." Because we all mostly think that we have the "right" to live.