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General Subtitle Format Help

29 November 2009 - 11:57 PM

I'm currently fixing subs for a movie, but I have some questions.

1) Do you usually subtitle laughter? Laughter is a "universal language" and everyone knows what it is, but I still see it done sometimes. Subber's preference?

2) When a line/word is repeated, how many times should you sub it?

3) Why do so many subs I see out there not have periods at the end of sentences? Sometimes there will be one, but more than often there won't be.

4) What is the general rule for subbing on screen text? ()s? ""s? italicized? Regular? All caps?
I do mine in ()s and all caps if it is the title of a building, section of a building or a word or two, otherwise I just use ()s except on rare oacssions.

I think that's it... Thanks for the help!