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In Topic: Anime Christmas Gallery

10 October 2007 - 02:11 AM

ok well its almost coming time again where we start counting down the days till christmas and i know its a little early but i want to start inviting people to make posts of pictures for christmas of ANIME!!! I want to give this thread enough time to have a good gallery of pics so we will be stocked and ready for when christmas time comes so start posting!!

In Topic: Why Is It That You Live For?

08 October 2007 - 04:20 PM

i think id have to say i want to live to be happy and experience things in life that are both good and bad

In Topic: subs or dubs which u prefer?

04 October 2007 - 09:48 PM

I prefer subtitles because dubs i feel just takes away the specialness (for lack of a better word) and the whole experience of the movie

In Topic: Star Wars

04 October 2007 - 02:41 AM

Ok so I like star wars and have been researching where to get costumes and am currently members of so 501st forums. Just wanted to start a thread and see if we got any 501st member in here maybe? or any people who just like to walk around in star wars costumes like Danny Choo lol and people. feel free to post cool websites and forums and info biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

In Topic: Why did u join FTV?

04 October 2007 - 02:36 AM

umm only 1 vote to just look at ecchi and loli pics????? I find that hard to believe lol biggrin.gif

i posted all of the above myself