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#335524 Future Plans & Ideas, Name Change? Features? Open Discussion

Posted by JCDRANZER on 20 December 2018 - 05:39 PM

I can't remember when this site was created (I think 2004 not sure) but I joined the fray back in 2006 by pure chance. I started watching "other" animes besides the typical ones you get introduced to even though Eva was my first one, I started wanting to know what others thought about it and came across FTV.


The site in my opinion started to die back in 2008 (yup a decade ago), there was a multitude of reasons for this such as the quality of anime we were getting after such a great year of it in 2006 and 2007, it went down because of the moeblob crap. Another thing was the FTV Staff Members were kinda strict or just difficult people, which rubbed people the wrong way and people left because of that. However, the biggest reason is social media, you can find recommendations for anime as well as get intrigued by a random post on twitter, insta, reddit, etc which makes the site hard to be relevant to casual anime watchers.


A through and through anime website that does well to stay relevant is MAL I think because it has a core in the sense it shows your stats as an anime watcher.


I have an idea but it is a bit silly and not too sure if it will work but perhaps using an incentive to get people to use FTV to watch anime, by downloading and streaming on the site (not sure if FTV still does that or not), the incentive I'm talking about is an "anime-score" like gamerscore for Xbox. Putting a value on an anime, so watching an anime that is rarely watched gives you more points per episode you watch on FTV.


I use a site called trueachievements and I'm completely hooked on it because of how the site is built on solutions as well as giving you a "Grade/Point Score" somewhat to show that you are neither a noob or a gamer that goes for achievements.


P.S. Didn't know that my status had changed to Retired lol....I mean it is true though.