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The King of Fighters: Destiny


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Posted 07 August 2017 - 11:00 PM

Japanese: ザ·キング·オブ·ファイターズ / 拳皇命运 (chinese)
Release date: 3/8/2017 (ONA series 24 episodes)
Genres: Action, Martial arts
Original creator: SNK Corporation
Studio: iDragons Creative studio
Network: Steam
speo_01.jpg speo_02.jpg speo_03.jpg speo_04.jpg speo_05.jpg vlcsnap-2017-08-05-22h50m13s450.png
Main cast: Kyo Kusanagi (草薙 京) voiced by Tomoaki Maeno (JP) and Sen Fu (CH)
Benimaru Nikaidō (二階堂 紅丸) voiced by Atsushi Maezuka (JP) and Lu Zhao (CH)
Gorō Daimon (大門 五郎) voiced by Takahiro Fujiwara (JP) and Xianglong Meng (CH)
Terry Bogard (テリー・ボガード) voiced by Takashi Kondō (JP) and Junhang Fan (CH)
Andy Bogard (アンディー・ボガード) voiced by Hiroshi Okamoto (JP), Hiroyuki Kagura (child) and Zhen Cao (CH)
speo_06.jpg speo_07.jpg speo_08.jpg speo_09.jpg kofsteam.jpg
Joe Higashi (ジョー・ヒガシ / 東 丈) voiced by Kozo Mito (JP) and Yue Bai (CH)
Ryō Sakazaki (リョウ・サカザキ / 坂崎 亮) voiced by Daiki Takakura (JP) and Beichen Liu (CH)
Robert Garcia (ロバート・ガルシア) voiced by Gō Shinomiya (JP) and Feng Jin (CH)
Yuri Sakazaki (ユリ・サカザキ / 坂崎 ゆり) voiced by Ai Takuma (JP) and Yiwen Chen (CH)

Synopsis: THE KING OF FIGHTERS – The world-renowned tournament starts now! After arriving in South Town, Kyo, an invitee to KOF, runs into another formidable fighter, Terry. Ten years have passed since the tragedy that changed his live forever… The destinies of the fighters now cross here in South Town.

Wasn't "The King's Avatar" a summer anime? Didn't show up on the search... just finished the 12ep series based on the LN/manga etc... which has quite a few I heard, so it'll be around for a while.
It's rather good as others said... and I'm not a gamer, so I really don't care about that so much as the storytelling itself, and the story is rather solid... SoL essentially, and I guess it's realistic due to his age, he gets 'let go' etc.
Though, I would've thought that technology would have taken the use of keyboards away by now... VR use etc... guess that hasn't happened yet?
Setup in S1 for S2 is rather well done I thought, but I don't know this industry, which isn't explained too much, perhaps most viewers of this already know about the ins and outs of the gamer world.
Still well done, only complaint that I agree with is the subs aren't left up on screen enough... a dub would work easily with this series and fix that problem.

i'll wait for a japanese dub as with K0F:D, first chinese 3DCG series i'm liking :)
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