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In Topic: Fruits Basket Zenpen

16 May 2019 - 06:59 PM

Nothing beats the original OP and ED of Fruits Basket really :P I still get goosebumps every time I hear that OP. 

I was a little bit bothered by the pace. I think this is set to have more than one season right? I don't get why they are rushing the story in the episodes.. :o

In Topic: Fruits Basket Zenpen

14 April 2019 - 06:58 PM

When I found out they were going to reboot this anime, I was sooo stoked! The inner fangirl in me was very enthusiastic and really couldn't wait to see how it would turn out. I just had to leave a message here :P (My first avatar on FTV was the little tiger zodiac :) )

So far they've been staying pretty true to the original, which is nice. Only thing I'm not very happy with is Yuki's new voice. I miss the smooth gentle voice he used to have in the old version. Here is to hoping this version will finish it until the manga final, giving the fans the ending they have been longing for!

In Topic: what are you doing?

09 March 2019 - 09:17 PM

Heeeellooooo I see I was not the first one who passed by this memory lane! 

Glad to see this place is still alive, amazing really. I hope everyone is doing alright :)


I am actually lurking around because I can't remember the name of a specific anime I used to watch. I also just remember bits and pieces of the story line. It's been a while since I've watched anime properly.