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In Topic: One Punch Man 2

23 October 2019 - 01:03 AM

Just finished the sub version of S2... I still like the comic aspect of the character.. they added in the sympathy for the 'human monster' guy... which is rather typical as well... so far they haven't taken it into the psyopathic type like the live action 'Joker' playing currently, and getting good reviews all around for the exposure of the genre with the exposure of the real 'villain' type.... or so the reviews have it.


They added drama to this series... touches of background story development here and there... but nothing on the MC and his abilities... saw the OVAs... not much more in them except that he seemed like a normal guy... they brushed over that period of change when he went bald... and transformed into what he is now.... was it some Spiderman thing, a bite from a monster or what? Nothing so far. I think they'll have to say something soon or it gets too repetitive... though they are concentrating on all the other characters, which are way more developed.... outside of the MC storyline in the OVAs.... big gap there that's left unexplained, leaving you pretty much where we were already, no explanation on his 'power', where it really came from. It seems that almost all of S2 has been developing the other characters.... placeholder season almost as the human monster Garo powers up again to do his thing again. I wonder if the mangaka has really explained it in the manga yet? If not, it's going to get tiresome and repetitive. His Charlie Brown self doesn't really seem to fit what we saw of him with hair in the OVAs.. skipped over as I said earlier... but I still like the series..... I hope it explains more in the next season, which I don't doubt there will be... seems to be setup for a long run, but if they don't explain more by S3, I'll probably tune out. Nice side character development of 'King' though... as with the others... .just nothing more really on our MC.

In Topic: Fall Season 2019 Line-Up and predictions

21 October 2019 - 03:18 AM

Ok, finished S1 of One PUnch.... funny stuff..... nice collection of characters in the genre.... the MC reminds me of a superpowered Charlie Brown. Good writing regarding his character... ends S1 with him like Superman without Kryptonite... or so it seems so far... but nice comic takes from his character... the classic 'simple' 'master' type.... Nice MC setup... I do wonder if the greenhaired girl is potential girlfriend material? the love you/hate you type... can't remember the name of that trope either... but this MC seems more original, so unlike American fake superhero crap..... really nice... fresh or so it seems to me. I'll have to see if S2 is eng dubbed and available... I do prefer to watch the whole season at once.

In Topic: Spring Season 2019 Line-Up & predictions

20 October 2019 - 11:49 PM

Just saw a Youtube AMV or whatever where they put some song over edited scenes of some anime.... they used the Queen song over this one.... One Punch Man.... So i'm checking it out... first ep I dl'd was messed up, but the last two are extremely funny... reminds me of Tiger and Bunny.... at least so far... just finished S1, ep3... very funny MC. Glad they have an eng dub of it.

In Topic: Winter Season 2017 Line-Up & predictions

08 April 2019 - 03:26 AM

The manga is on ch 74 online... they are back to the school.... the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and look to end soon.... but the translator said it's going on another break.... oh well.

In Topic: To Aru Majutsu no Index III

08 April 2019 - 02:23 AM

Spin off after spin off... so the story will never end... as planned... milk it to death and beyond.... I barely remember the story line... 2012 S2? JCDranzer said? Wow, has it been that long for the manga to put out enough chapters? or where he/she too busy doing all the spinoffs? I never watched that spinoff of the girls.... wasn't it just a redo of the same storyline from this one that they were in? Same spinoff idea with that other long dead storyline of Haruto... spun off with the last movie... another Naruto in the making they hope? If so, they have to put out more product, just get more writers on staff to crank it out.... that's how it's done... it's all about the money, right? ;)


Is S3 any good? I  remember liking this show... though SSCDanzer was right.... it started to drift.... and setting up that spinoff proved it... and now they're thinking of another? I don't even remember who 'Accelerator' was/is.... some dude eh? Wow.... 2012 was S2.... no wonder.


Is it any good? if so, I'll have to go back and check out the previous S1/S2... .to remember it well enough.... or not. :lol: