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Prideless's AMV Showcase/Workshop Thread

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Posted 23 February 2010 - 05:26 AM

Hello people name's Prideless however I am known as "Kurosaki" on Youtube.

I consider myself a seasoned AMV Artist. I am no pro nor an amateur just somewhere in between. I have roughly 1.5mil views on youtube and roughly 600 subscribers.

I make AMV's, Parodies, Short Comedic Anime Clips.

Heres my page. www.youtube.com/kurosaki

I could go months not making an AMV or get on a streak crapping AMVs every other week.

My LAST video was lol ONE year ago. But now im in the mood to make some more, hopefully get on a streak.

Making AMV's is really an on or off thing for me depending if I got the drive behind me to finish what I start. Otherwise for the most part many of my ideas dont materialize because of lack inspiration, made half baked ideas or lost motivation during progress of an AMV.

Well made this thread in hope that fellow FTV members can give me ideas, comments and feedback. They really do go a long way when my video is "In The Making" it allows me to tune and sometimes revamp the entire video because of simple things that I missed or could have changed/added making my videos a lot better off opposed to if I had no feedback.

My Projects

If you guys always had awesome ideas like it would be cool if someone made this into an AMV let me know! Ideas for projects is greatly appreciated!

1. Code Geass R2 Parody using the Enchanted Song How does she know shes love you. I am trying to go for irony with all the death in Code Geass. and Lelouch will be sync with the vocals.

2. Code Geass R2 AMV, an actual AMV wanted to use Kings and Queens in the 30seconds to Mars Album.
I want to start it off with Lelouch's death as he looks to the sky and end it with the very same scene.
I dont have a focus for this project yet.

3. Nyan Koi
I just KNOW I can make something hella funny with all those talking cats if I sync it up right. Looking for ideas for funny songs or audio skits etc.

If someone is interested in doing a collaboration let me in the sense you work with me for the duration of the video's time of completion, let me know.

My Showcase

Anime Dance Mania HD

Code Geass Full Feature Parody



Code Geass R2 26 Alternative Ending

Falcon Punch WTFUH! - Gurren Lagann

Rosario Vampire Do You Like Waffles

Gurren Lagann - got epic? AMV

Gurren Lagann Iron Man Parody

Gurren Lagann BK Lounge Parody

Code Geass R2 Smelly Markers

Overdrive AMV - Your My Strength

Overdrive AMV - Pedal to the Metal

I have more AMVs if interested check out my page.


I will be SO SO SAD if I dont get a shred of a comment after this post lol...
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