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Where are you from and how fast did you hear...

20 January 2015 - 12:17 AM

I'm not one to discuss politics online much but rather than because its politics i wanted to ask about this more because it involves a dead "person of interest".

I know it sounds cryptic to discuss this in this kind of forum but please humor me if you are feeling like it, where are you from and how fast did you hear about this?
I'm quite interested in knowing how much coverage this is getting outside of Argentina after all the drama we had lately with our default etc

I'm talking about the death of Nisman

I don't really want to talk about it, it's just that i was extremelly curious about how much coverage this has on other countries and how other people are looking at us right now.

ps: just in case, idk how many people will stop by my profile after i start this kind of thread, but im 27, age/bd is displayed at my profile, im sorry if anyone thinks its a bit out of place to put this in an anime forum, i just wanted to hear this from like-minded people (in my case, otakus? lol)


12 November 2014 - 05:38 PM

QUOTE (Klyern)
Today i woke up and went to make coffee.... i found a kaiju sized roach in my kitchen....

First thought was ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ as i glanced over my shoulder from behind, making a serious face (in Hirohiko Akari Art Style)

Second; "fuck, a terraformar, IM FUCKED!!! i thought i would end like the shower girl in the first episode, with just half my torso xD

Stepped on it without taking any drugs, sighed in relief, and realised i would never look at those things in the same light again.....

Thats half a message i sent to another user a bit ago, the truth is i stumbled upon something that some might call an enlightening fact....

Isnt making you think about them in reality (read as; day to day life) proof that a work of fiction is just that great? (or maybe that im loosing contact with reality lol)

So far i remember this happening with just two other works, Toaru; the rumor about changing districts at 4:44, "At 4:44 p.m. one shouldn't cross between the school district boundaries. Otherwise one might wander into the Imaginary Number School District." , i used to always check my clock all the time when it was stuck at a palindrome number by accident like 2:22 1:11 and laugh. Or SAO; how Kirito says playing time/world is real because you feel/believe its real.

So i noticed, if someone can be influenced so much that reality/fiction begins to blurr (no im not crazy, yet), isnt that testament to the quality of the authors's works?

Has anyone ever been influenced so much that something similar has happened to you?

in math.. Mousou = Number of delusions x Length / Time = Quality? were Time stand for how many episodes or chapters you need to read until you start having delusions, and Length is how long you keep having delusions of the fiction work before they stop laugh.gif

tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif

pd: ik, im crazy, just dont call the nuthouse.

An anisong for you!

10 September 2014 - 03:09 PM

I came up with an idea for a game to get things heated up around here while i was searching for an anisong.

The name is "an anisong for you!", as the title implies recommend an anisong to the person above you, it doesnt need to have any sort of relation to the last posted song (genre band etc can be completly different).

I think making it extremelly simple can make it more fun, and while im sure we all have seen and heard the same animes and anisongs this might be a good oportunity to remember old songs we havent heard in a while and possibly dont remember...

Ill start (hope you ppl at fansubtv like this).

C' (Happy Lesson OVA)

Shiritori All Stars

07 September 2014 - 08:48 AM

Since it seemed people enjoyed the last one here is a new one! this time the count limit will be 101 pages (unless anyone says otherwise), below are the rules, they are a bit weird but its all in the spirit of making it easy and fun, so please enjoy it and feel free make it hard for the next poster if you so desire!


1 Use Romaji. Other languages are accepted when the original name or phrase is in foreign, ie; Death Note, "The World, Jikan ga tomare!" (Dio), Stella ()

2 Only names, objects, places, songs or otherwise phrases related to, iconic, or otherwise featured in anime/manga/LN/live action culture, examples; Shima Pan (object), Melon Pan (object/food), Heavy Object (LN name), Jotaro Kujo (Character name), Comiket (place) etc. Actor names, director names, band names (ie:l'arc en ciel, Ari Project) or even scanlating teams are accepted xD

3 You may start with the last syllabe of the last word as is written, or you can use a syllabe that is almost phonetically identical to the last syllabe of the last word but is spelled differently (for example shi>shii, phon>fon), and if you desire you may also start with the last word of the name or sentence, just try to stick to syllabes as much as possible in order to keep it interesting, like i wrote before, this game is just for fun.

4 If the name or phrase is in english making the last syllabe hard to discern you can use romaji or broken english to make it easier on yourself (ie Quick Start!! = qui-ku star-to)

5 Try not to repeat what has been posted already, if the thread goes beyond 2 pages no one will expect you to read all the thread (laughs), but at least read the shiritori words of the page you are on if you will post, also no using the same word again lol xD (Ie: haruhi endless loop of people saying "Nanana" or "FonFon")

6 Unlike in regular Shiritori, no one looses here, you can end with N or whatever, it will continue until people are tired of it.

7 Not really a rule, but if your reference is a phrase or something obscure try to explain shortly in parenthesis the origin or format. Ie: Quick Start!! (manga), Touma! Onakatsuita! (Index's kime seifu xD, Toaru)

So it begins...

Quick Start!! (manga)

To or start/tart i guess. xP

Funny that we are on ftv and i start with a manga, kind of like how Misaka imouto wanted to name the black cat "dog" x3

Shiritori until Nyaa is up? (locked)

02 September 2014 - 03:25 AM



1 Only anime manga, LN, live action, webcomic or anisong names are accepted (no food animals objects or places unrelated to anime. Actors, studios and bands that make anisongs etc are also accepted).

Also, anime phrases are also accepted (and encouraged lol), such as Jotaro's "Dakara, ore ga sabaku!"

2 Use only romaji, exceptions are accepted such as Kill me Baby or Giorno Giovanna's "Di molto! Di molto! Yoshi!"

3 You can start with the last syllabe or the last letter in the phrase/name (lets not be restrictive and make this easy on ourselves for fun xD), you can also use the last word from a phrase if you want.

4 You can use phonetics not just the last letter or syllab, example, 4 and shii, or des deth.

Ill start...

Itsumo nico nico, anata no tonari ni, Haiyaru Konton, Nyarlathotep. Des! ☆