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March Madness

14 March 2006 - 11:58 PM

hey hey!! march madness is almost here and i am so excited!! lol does anyone else watch college basketball?? hehe its fun, and its better than the professionals, at least that's what i think....

anyways...... who do you guys think will win?? my bet's on duke and ohio state making it to the finals.... hehe biggrin.gif there's a pool for over $300 at school... so ohio and duke better make it!!!!


14 October 2005 - 12:42 AM

hey guys, so quarter ends tmw and all programs are due in my C++ class. I have them all done except for one, where we have to write a class called gas station.....so i was wondering if someone who knows c++ could help me out and tell me what's wrong with this?? it won't return the right values, just some random number**i'm pretty sure the thing that runs it is accurate**

sorry this is so long, but thanks!
and yes, i kno im quite dumb when it comes to c++

class GasStation


int gallonsLeft;
int totalGallonsSold;
double mySellPrice;
double myCost;
double myProfit;
int myGallonsSold;
double tempProfit;
double fillerProfit;
double myGrossProfit;

void GasStation::Reset(void)

void GasStation::setGallonsSold(int c)//sets the number of gallons sold
void GasStation::setSellPrice(double a)//sets the selling price
void GasStation::setCost(double B)//sets the cost per gallon that the station pays
void GasStation::findGallonsLeft()//finds the number of gallons left when starting with 200
void GasStation::findTotalGallonsSold()//finds the total number of gallons sold
void GasStation::findTempProfit()//finds the profit from one sale
void GasStation::findFillerProfit()//junk that i need for gross profit
void GasStation::findGrossProfit()//finds the gross profit
void GasStation::findNetProfit()//finds the net profit
int GasStation::getTotalGallonsSold()//returns the total number of gallons sold
return totalGallonsSold;
double GasStation::getGrossProfit()//returns the gross profit
return myGrossProfit;
double GasStation::getNetProfit()//returns the net profit
return myProfit;

edit: remember to use code tags.


03 October 2005 - 10:31 PM

Hey hey! world series playoffs games start tmw!! who do u guys want to win?!

i'm so excited.... i really want world series tickets for when the cardinals kick a$$ and win the national league championships!!!

lol major cardinals fan here.... i've been one since like i was 8 cuz ive lived in stl all my life!!


27 August 2005 - 04:13 AM

hey guys, its the weekend again so i finally have some time on my hands!! biggrin.gif school is quite exhausting...... but its senior year, so yay!!

i was just wondering how school is going for all of u guys.......... or have u all started school yet?? we start kinda early..........but if yes, then how's it all going with like classes, sports, girls, guys, w.e??

or maybe if ur out of school already.... just life in general??

hehe sry if this is a boring topic, i just thought itd be nice to get to kno ppl a little better smile.gif