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Brass Restoration

18 December 2011 - 10:43 PM

Brass Restoration is a all ages free visual novel which was originally created by twincle drop back in 2004, and was translated into English by Yandere Translations which is lead under others by TakaJun who made himself a name for translating Fate/Stay Night into English as a member of Mirror Moon.

Ryo Takiguchi is a high school student who is highly skilled as a percussionist and is general a genius in the fields of music. His dream is to become a professional percussionist like his deceased father. However one day due to an tragic accident Ryo loses one of his arms…after being 7 months hospitalized he comes back to High school. Unable to follow his dream anymore he starts to suffer under depressions and is uncertain what to do…


The Main Girls

Even though this game is not a commercial one its still very good in my opinion and doesn't need to hide in front of blockbusters like Kanon, Da Capo and the like.

You can get the game here: