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16 May 2019 - 03:10 AM

I need to lurk less and ramble more.  Realized one day that I've been backing away from every single community I'm in for a few years now.


I've been going through and streaming stuff, working on crazy projects, working the day job, etc.  Making some progress, but largely being bit in the rear by a mix of depression and procrastination.  Trying to tackle that head on lately, having some moderate success.  Honestly too early to say if what I'm doing is working or not, but changing my environment some to help push back against some of the little things that feed the cycle seems to have helped somewhat.  I'm also trying some different pain meds that seem to be helping with the neck/back issues from the crash, as well, although I'll need a few more weeks to know for sure one way or the other.


My game livestreaming has been going pretty quietly.  I haven't been able to work up the nerve to really advertise it, so it's just been some friends watching with the occasional driveby.  Recently finished Dragon Warrior 1 (the SNES port), before that Wild Arms XF.  Watching yourself play games is weird, but interesting.  Someday I'll go through and edit all these play videos to create proper recordings, and I'm sure I'll be mortified by what I see.  Something I'm really looking forward to is Octopath Traveler.  The Steam release is soon, and that game looks like Square finally got around to releasing a successor to Rudra no Hihou^_^


I'm also pretty close to digging myself out from under the pile on web dev for clients.  For a while there I'd finish one site and have two more come in.   Now I'm down to two left after this one.  Hopefully I can get this out of the way then go full speed ahead on my game dev stuff. ^^

In Topic: Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

18 January 2019 - 09:28 PM

Better late than never!


Belated Merry Christmas/Happy New Year, all! :D

In Topic: Future Plans & Ideas, Name Change? Features? Open Discussion

31 August 2018 - 06:52 PM

So, I'm not 100% clear of this client site, but pretty close.  Anyone have the original images used for the postage stamps in the site logo up there?


Also, what did you think of the WP/bbPress option?

In Topic: Future Plans & Ideas, Name Change? Features? Open Discussion

02 August 2018 - 08:27 PM

Thats actually a scientific thing, apparently its something to do with the act of talking and thinking about it actually causes your mind to feel it has made progress and effectivly takes the pressure off before actually doing anything. I try to always discuss things like development or projects when already well into them for that very reason.

Yeah. It doesn't help I'm very much a "think out loud" person and often end up solving things via Rubber Duck Debugging. ^^;;

The hosting costs are virtual machines, the KM one is only $5 a month, but over a year even that adds up. Back in the hay days of FTV and MATV, we had actual dedicated servers just for downloads with 1TB drives in them pushing 30TBit of bw, now we just have little VMs.
You can get cheaper hosting, but believe me when I say it is never worth it. We have had real trouble in the past with cheap hosts, the hassle, lost time, lost data etc just isnt worth saving a couple $ a month.
The company we use is very good and even when problems occur, they are quick to sort things out. The tools they provide to us are very good too, and it means I can duplicate the entire VM and clone it or move it anywhere. We also have daily backups, all things that really help in case of a disaster.
The main web server is actually MATV's original server and the WP Blog server is actually Fansub's original server. The old Fansub server actually has a lot of the original broken FTV stuff on it and the blogs, so I simply left the Blogs there when Daft said he was happy to keep it going.
Its been upgraded and various work done on it, but its now a little under used hench the idea of moving KM to it.

Okay, that makes the puzzle fit together a little better. I was visualizing some scenario where you and Daft had the slightly higher tier servers for some kind of more intense coding support. Hosting for me is weird- My business has a reseller account with HostGator, it results in me being able to run a large number of sites on the cheapest tier of VM with reasonable support. (Although admittedly I haven't done much in the way of automated backup work since I keep local copies of all my data.)

The Wordpress Blogs are nicer, and frankly I think I prefer those (and they are somewhat of a standard) compared to the mini-blogs, the problem with anything Invision Power based is they will randomly change things and make it not backwards compatible, their next version (4.0+) is a prime example of this, its a right mess frankly.
There is a hosting cost to wordpress by our choice to separate host it, but its free in terms of license. The mini blogs have a license cost, so I'd much rather ditch those and stick with Wordpres, especially as thats where the most of the data is.
And also, there is no import tool to or from the Mini blogs.

Okay, that makes it all fit together better.

I'm going to disagree with that in part- I've got a few clients with wordpress sites and I find the post editor in Wordpress to be awful, but in all other respects WP is definitely a better platform. On an interesting note, have you considered going the other way with it all? Wordpress has a solid forum plugin called bbPress from what I understand. (Importing from IPB 4.x seems to be right out, but apparently you can import from IPB 3.x?)

I'll try sandboxing bbPress in one of my personal sites later tonight.

That server issue was a real blow to me and Daft, we lost everything that day, and we thought we had it all backuped up. Literally years worth of data was lost. I think thats a good part of what ended it for Daft, all the new systems he had spent years working on just gone.
I lost a lot of data too in that mess, and was about ready to quit too. I still don't fully know waht kept me going. That is also the last server we bought from that hosting company, it was the 4th time we'd had a server blow up from them and we'd had enough. This what I meant about cheaper hosts not being worth it.

We're all glad you kept with it, for sure.

The sites are basically the same with some little bits on a conditional based on the url hostname, the colors / graphics are entirely CSS themes, and you can swap the themes indipendantly of the site code, ie MATV url with Fansub theme (if you check the bottom of the page you will see a 'change theme' button to do this your self).
I can easily point one domain at the other so if you access one it redirects you to the other, but the address in the browser will change, and that ruins the feel for many. I could do that for free however.

Well, I think then the logical question that comes out of that is which do you think is a stronger presence: FTV, or MATV? I'm inclined to answer that FTV, but that is a questionable observation at this point.

Changing the software would take too much time, time which I don't have. Even trying to fix the code problems is a mounttain right now and I just can't do it, and I'm not even that good a coder.

What exactly is in the site that makes this a time/code challenge? If it's an HTML/CSS thing, I can help with that. I've avoided PHP as I've always been mortally fearful of punching an epic security hole in something by breathing with the wrong part of code open, but I can at least read some PHP.

OK, so to explain what you are really seeing there. The Frontpage is basically MATV's original frontpage made to look like Fansub's. Its totally MATV's code, meaning it was designed long ago to just display screenshots for the DDLs, and when you clicked on one it took you to the series page, thats where you see all the screenshots per episode - that used to show how many files were available, and you clicked an episode and it took you to the episode page which was full of all the torrent info and DDL links.

Roll on a few years and we hit copyright crisis, so I basically copy all of that and call it 'streaming' insted of 'series' and then I pull in RSS feeds from crunchy roll and re-format the data to fit and make almost the same thing, so in the end you get to CR's viewing page insted of a DDL. Thats why it looks the same, because its 95% the same code just copy and pasted and then hacked around like crazy and a ton of new bits tacked on the backend to make it work with totally new data. It took another 6 motnhs just to get a link between streaming and series becuase they were not compatable.

Both of these, the 'series' and 'stream' type pages are running separately, and neither of them are connected to or part of the Gallery its all custom code. The Gallery is a module from Invision power and part of the forum suite.
The DDL section (/series/) is obviously a problem copyright wise, so it got renamed from Fansub DDLs to be user content like AMVs or trailers, to basically give it a purpose still. The idea was we could torrent other related things and put them up for DDL insted of Fansubs, that kinda didn't really happen however.

The main Gallery has got videos in there, take a look here https://www.fansub.t...ery&category=11 The point of renaming it to 'and AMV' was to give a hint that you can upload them here, not my fault not many people have done it. :)

There is however a problem with the Gallery, it has a 100MB upload limit right now, which is imposed by Cloudflare. They refuse to allow it to go any higher without paying thousands of $$$$ per month for an enterprise plan.
I have spent 2+ years trying to find a way around it, and they only say pay up or switch off protection. Well if i'm going to turn off protection, I may as well not pay for it as it wont do anything. The other option would be some weird mess of proxying to split off upload requests to bypass cloudflare and all sorts of complex re-routing of stuff which will take me ages to do and probably not work very well, and I know full well that Invision Power will change something next version and break it again.

Interesting. So, it sounds like a reorganization has to do a certain amount of codework... Hmm. Have you got Discord? I'd be down to yak about this some in a faster medium.

re:AMVs - At the risk of asking a terrible question, why not bypass the issue and run AMVs off Youtube, Bitchute or something and embed in a forum section? (I wonder if LBRY.io has an embed feature yet...)

Some help with the code or even the CSS themes would be a huge help, at present I'm trying to do all of it on my own and I simply don't have the time any more.

That's about all I feel confident in doing, so... I'll yell when I'm clear of this client site! :D

In Topic: Steins;Gate 0

31 July 2018 - 08:00 PM

I've been watching this one with great excitement, I plan to rewatch the first show and this one in a weekend once it's over. so many little details spread throughout the episodes. (Like Maho-tan).

That said... Am I the only person who thinks Kagari is a clone of Kurisu that Leskinen created to flash Amadeus/Kurisu into? There's some serious top tier creepiness going on there...